Music is the universal language of mankind.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Music is what tells us that the human race is greater than we realize.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Teacher Testimonials

Hello, Eric,

Your program this morning was wonderful! And you are most certainly a very talented performer! Thank you for an interesting presentation. I’m sure we will be contacting you for another of your programs.


Pam, for the SCMTA

Good morning, Eric.

You’re welcome, and also thank you! It seems like many people were intrigued, inspired and/or educated by your presentation. Thank you so much for getting down to the nitty gritty quickly, and for getting us physically involved! I was really happy to see that the teachers were willing to get up and do the exercises. I hope we will think, remember, and carry on with what you initiated, and that we do more research and application on our own. Of course you couldn’t fully cover the subject in one hour! I hope, also, that the incoming vice presidents will be interested in the other programs that you have to offer. Be sure to e-mail me a reminder of what they are.

Here’s to your health!



Hello, Eric,

I heard from several SCMTA members that your program was very interesting, very well presented, and that you must be a terrific teacher. I’m certainly sorry that I wasn’t there, but I thought you light like to know of these responses from those who were!

–Pam Christensen


Hi Eric,
Thank you so much for your presentation last Thursday. It was well received and we all went back to our students with a very clear way of presenting a lead sheet. You made it so simple. I actually tried it right away with a couple of my students and it worked beautifully. Thank you again,


Eric Sutz came to our local music association last week to give a talk on how to teach lead sheets to piano students. His approach was very logical and easy enough for all the classically trained teachers to follow. With his engaging personality and easygoing demeanor, Eric unveiled his step-by-step method, demonstrating with two jazz standards and some holiday pieces. We were all so excited, we couldn’t wait to run home and try it out immediately! Eric – my one question to you is – where were you when I was in high school and struggling with my charts in jazz band?
Emi Murata, MM, NCTM
Adjunct Faculty, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL
Immediate Past President, Salt Creek Music Teachers Association


Hi Eric,
All the teachers loved the presentation, but I’m sure they’d like a detailed handout.
All for the love of music and health in playing.
Enjoy today. It’s beautiful out again like yesterday.
Marcia Mally


Dear Eric,
Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday.
I think everyone was delighted to be reminded about being more in tune with their bodies and to get realigned.
As soon as I gather some feedback I will forward them to you.
We loved having you join us for lunch as well.
Thank you for the picture.
Looking forward to meeting with you again some day…


Eric’s “Promote Posture” program (i.e. super stretching seminar) was in-depth and immediately impacted me. Anyone will benefit from this regardless of their background; musicians especially, when it comes to the hand & wrist exercises. Not only was it informative & utilitarian, but he’s a vibrant presenter who speaks from experience with a real conviction for proper technique & overall well-being. His emphasis on “alignment” is a key point in the presentation. Get ready for instant results! I’d highly recommend hiring him and would personally welcome the chance to catch another program. –Jason P. (PM Music)