Music is the universal language of mankind.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Music is what tells us that the human race is greater than we realize.
Napoleon Bonaparte

Parent Testimonials

Eric Sutz taught my son piano for 5 years. What I loved most about Mr. Sutz was that he treated my son like every one of his students. My son has autism. Eric never felt sorry for him, and always had high expectations for my son, always challenging him to do better. My son respected Mr. Sutz for being treated that way and truly enjoyed taking lessons from him.
– Amy S

Mr. Eric Sutz taught piano for both my two girls. Each of them started taking piano lessons at the age of 5 or 6 and continuously took lessons with him for over 10 years. He tailors his lesson to each kid’s interest, designs the lesson in a way that is engaging and maximize the benefits for the students. He teaches a diverse repertoire, encompassing various styles and genres, enabling the student to explore different musical interests and develop a well-rounded skill set. He has excellent communication skills, providing clear instructions, feedback, and constructive criticism. Eric is always patient, approachable, and motivating and encouraging the students throughout their musical journey. While he focuses on the appreciation and enjoyment of music, he also emphasizes the foundational techniques which help his students being successful in either their music career or AIM or AP examinations. I strongly recommend Eric to be your music teacher.
– Xinyu W.

Eric was a very good piano teacher to both of my children age 8 &10. They had some prior piano instruction but their note reading capability was lacking. His methodical and rigorous approach coupled with clear practice expectations helped build their music fundamentals. Eric worked with them not only on the ability to easily read notes but also gave the kids fun pieces of music to play. I particularly appreciated the combination of classical and non-classical/jazz music repertoire. It was a fun hybrid for the kids. Eric, thank you for your hard work and contributions!
-Mag R.

Thanks so much for teaching Liz piano in the last 10+ years. She got the opportunity to play a variety of wonderful music and you helped her build a great foundation and passion for music and art.  I appreciate your encouragement, coaching and patience with Liz.  I’m sure music will be part of her life and we will miss you.  Whenever anyone asks about recommending music teachers, I always recommend you.
Attached are the pictures of you and Liz. Have a nice trip in July and enjoy your summer.

“My son started attending Mr Sutz’s music lessons in 2014. As someone who grew up without learning/being taught how to play an instrument, I wanted an opportunity for my son to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of piano and music in general. I didn’t realize how far reaching this would be. Under Mr. Sutz guidance, my son stayed for 8 years attending weekly sessions and he not only learned to play the piano, but I observed how music positively impacted his outlook in life, and enhanced his creativity and passion in other areas. My son graduated high school in 2022 and as he moves on to the next phase, I am certain that the lessons he learned through the challenges and opportunities Mr. Sutz provided in their lessons together – will stay with him for a lifetime. For this, we are very grateful.”
Thanks again,
Juan B.

Mr. Sutz is an absolutely fantastic piano teacher. We couldn’t ask for better. He is methodical and rigorous about teaching the fundamentals of piano technique and music theory, and he does so in a way that is fun and digestible for kids of all ages. He is an outstanding musician himself, and he is uniquely talented in teaching children. We love the variety of music styles that he teaches, and his expertise in jazz is truly unique. He works closely with each individual student to find the correct balance, and he adapts readily to changes in each child’s learning style, even as these evolve over time. Our kids have made amazing progress with Mr. Sutz, and most importantly, they absolutely love to play the piano and look forward to their lesson each week. We attribute this to their wonderful experience learning from Mr. Sutz

-Emily S.

Eric is a fantastic teacher who has great patience and skill in teaching piano. We started our son with him as a 5.5 year old and he has gradually progressed through more advanced pieces thanks to Eric’s guidance. Having worked with him for 3 years now, it is obvious he has extensive experience not only in teaching the material, but also diagnosing and finding unique exercises to combat a variety of typical problems. He also excels at working with young children, like our son – mixing the right amount of discipline and fun into each lesson. We have really enjoyed Eric’s tutelage and feel our son is making significant progress through his lessons.

Michael H.

Eric has taught my 11 year old for about 2 years now. He is very patient, and will work to find music that my daughter enjoys to play. She has made fantastic progress and really looks forward to her lessons! When conflicts come up with scheduling, he can be flexible. I love having a teacher who comes to your house, although my daughter also loves the birds and turtles in his studio

Catherine C.


Eric is a very patient and methodical teacher. My daughter made very good progress in the time that she studied learning to play piano and read music. Eric has high expectations for his students and has a fun sense of humor that keeps kids motivated. He really focuses on the fundamentals which is key to success. My daughter is now able to read music and has chosen to concentrate on violin but still enjoys playing piano. I highly recommend Eric to anyone looking for a structured teacher who also encourages creativity

Lisa A.


We have been going to EWSP Academy for about three months now. One of the things that I really like is that Mr. S tries to help my son play music in the genres that interest him. Many teachers we have had in the past encourage jazz or some other type of music. This guy is very personable though, he tries to show students how to play the basics (of course) and supplements based on your preference.
The studio is a peaceful and welcoming place to enjoy music. My 13 year old enjoys going. He enjoys looking at the busy birds and not-so-busy turtles in Mr. S’s terrarium. There are a variety of interesting pictures and artifacts in the studio; even the waiting area is pleasant. It is pretty clear that Eric enjoys teaching and is passionate about art (and music).
Mr. S is funny, and even though I can tell he is a highly skilled and serious musician, he shows patience with the children. He uses humor to keep the kids on their toes, and my son likes that. I like knowing that my son is learning the instrument, the music, the vocabulary, and some music history

Cheri S.


We are very fortunate to be able to have Eric as a teacher. He has helped our son reach new heights in piano to the extent that he was able to secure a position in the highest Jazz group in High School as a freshmen. Now he is paving the way for our two 8 year-old daughters to be well-rounded musicians and maintaining their enthusiasm at the same time. It is through his unselfish dedication to his students and extreme attention to detail that has exceeded our expectations in the progression our children. I too, take lessons, and despite the limited time I have been able to dedicate, I have progressed beautifully as well. I don’t say it lightly that we are privileged to have Mr Sutz guide us down our musical path.

  • Aum P.
  • Arlington Heights, IL

Eric has been teaching guitar for my 4.5 yr old son, Sid. Sid is really enjoying his guitar classes and has motivated him to continue his practice at home.

Eric is a fabulous teacher and very systematic in his approach. It’s always important to choose the right teacher, especially given my son’s age. My wife and I are very confident that my son is in great hands.

He is very flexible and patient.

We highly recommend and thank Eric for what he is doing for Sid.


Eric has been teaching piano to 4 members of our family for over 6 years. He does an incredible job of holding us each to high expectations & incorporates music into our repertoire that we will enjoy. We can’t imagine our lives without Eric guiding us through our piano journey!


Eric has been teaching piano for my daughter (since she started 1st grade) for nearly one and a half years.He has lots of patiences and makes the class interactive in a way my daughter enjoys by asking her thought-provoking questions.
He teaches piano lessons in a way my daughter can enjoy and play it and at the same time teaching discipline,piano rules etc. in the class.He never rushes to complete the piano books unless she can play the piece really good.
My daughter has improved in all other areas of life as well. I highly recommend Eric to anyone looking for a teacher who can teach kids of any age and who can change the teaching based on kids needs.
Mr. Gowthaman